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How Will Higher Education Technology Change in 2018?

Across the passage of time, educational institutions appeared to have a single purpose only. To reinvent themselves to the point that they would be able to serve better the students who have enrolled in their educational institutions. For that reason, all innovations that were made in any educational institution were geared towards that single purpose: […]

Could Career Focused Degrees Help The Student Employment Problem

For most students, gaining admissions to any good university or degree course is just the first rung of the long ladder to becoming a success in life. In this case, success is not just seen as being the ability to complete your course, gain knowledge and skills and get your degree or certificate in hand. […]

Should University Marketing Consider Gender Gaps?

If someone were to come up and announce that there is a gender gap in universities today, the news would probably not come as much of a surprise to anyone. That is because it sounds reasonable enough: not everyone decides to go to university after all. But what would come as a bit of a […]