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Could Career Focused Degrees Help The Student Employment Problem

For most students, gaining admissions to any good university or degree course is just the first rung of the long ladder to becoming a success in life. In this case, success is not just seen as being the ability to complete your course, gain knowledge and skills and get your degree or certificate in hand. Monetary considerations creep into this factor also. Students like to know that once they have completed their course, they will be able to land secure jobs that would definitely make them financially comfortable and stable. So they can in the future afford to themselves good apartment or house, good car and seasonal travel, even on Koh Samui, to gorgeous, luxurious beach villa.

Upon leaving university, however, the realities set in. Students realize that they are just not ready to fit into the job descriptions on offer. They understand that their resumes are unable to fit into or match the job descriptions in question.

Opting For A More Career-Centric Approach
It is for this very reason that it is not only the students but even the businesses offering jobs that are looking for students who have taken courses that are more career-centric. Simply attending university, taking just about any courses that are on offer, trying to find a Cheap Essay Writing Service UK that could help out with the written work and simply gaining a degree is not enough. Today’s jobs require adaptability more than anything, and it is for this reason that finding a literature student working in the HR department or an HR student working in sales, is not really uncommon. Here are some other aspects of education for students that need to be taken care of:

  • Adaptability should be a lesson in itself
    Having students realize that job descriptions today are very flexible, is just as important as any other part of their education. Students have to understand that the idea that their jobs will only consist of those things that they have studied within the classroom is not a realistic one. They also need to realize that with changing times they need to constantly, change, evolve and adapt in order to stay pertinent to the job as well as the business in question.
  • Making sure students do not lose the job within a year
    Then again, most universities offer their students the opportunities of getting matched up with a suitable job, once they have finished their course. Here is where universities should try and ensure that their students are actually ready to hold down regular, full-time jobs. Matching up a student with a job that they lose within six months cannot be counted as a success, students should be able to hold down jobs for a longer period of time, and it is up to the universities that their students are able to do so.
  • Businesses and universities need to work in collaboration with each other
    Both universities and businesses need to understand just what the other needs in a student and help to equip them accordingly. If this responsibility, of teaching students the required skills is shared, a new generation of students, who are able to handle all the demands that the industry will place on them, may be met.