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How Much Does Editing A College Essay Cost?

Submitting an unedited essay can demolish all the effort you have put in writing. The stage of higher degree education obligates perfection in writing; this suggests that all the work must be thoroughly edited, proofread and cleansed from any form of a human-made, linguistic or factual error.

Despite being an extremely important aspect of essay writing, the stage of proofreading and editing is not frequently practised by the students. The lack of time restricts individuals from performing this act.

Hence, most students resort to taking the proofreading services offered by an essay writing service UK. These facilities have hired professional editors who can:

  • Check the paper for any grammatical error.
  • Assess the sentence structure.
  • Scan the paper for plagiarism.
  • Provide a plagiarism report.
  • Deliver on time.
  • Provide a refund in case the service fails to impress.

Hiring an essay writing service comes with a cost. Hence, the following should be considered to determine the charges of the service:

The type of service you need

There are various types of editing services present. Online services which solely focus on detecting grammar and structural issues are comparatively cheaper. Individuals who are fluent in the English language, and have thoroughly checked their facts when attempting the project should select this option.

Similarly, students who struggle with framing sentences in the English language would have to select a proofreading and editing service, which is relatively expensive. These facilities rely on both the services of writers and editors to make sure that the idea is executed in the most sophisticated form.

An editing service, which assesses plagiarism, costs slightly more than the other facilities. These companies collaborate with a reliable and thorough plagiarism detection software program to make sure that the student’s essay is completely original. These programs compare and contrast the paper with a database comprising billions of papers. Hence, its results are comprehensive, thorough and competent. Additionally, with a few extra charges, essay writing companies can provide students with a plagiarism report which highlights the amount of copied content found in the paper. These services then work with professional writers to make the necessary changes.  As a result of this complex method, this type of editing service is slightly costly.

The time frame employed

The online proofreading and editing services devise their rates based on the time frame provided. These facilities lower their rates when the time provided to complete the paper is suitable. However, for rush orders, online companies increase their charges as more editors are employed to a singular project.

The quality of the service

The charges of the editing service are further dependant on the quality offered by the service. An economically priced service may not be able to employ professional editors to scan the paper. However, a facility with average rates usually employs multiple editors to ensure that the paper is exonerated from all mistakes before it is returned to the student.


Different websites have different charges for their service. Students can compare these rates and choose a service which is affordable yet thorough in its work.

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