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Where Can Writer Grants Be Found to Train to Be a Professional Writer?

Qualitative writing can only be produced with the tinge of passion. Nobody can ever retrieve monetary benefits out of writing if they do not enjoy the process itself. Thus, if you are sure about your writing skillset and can envisage yourself working to the level parallel to UK essay writers, you sure can generate a handsome sum of money out of it.

All across the world, there are numerous grants offered to encourage writers. Some of these grants are discussed below:

Phyllis Gebauer Scholarship in Writing:

This scholarship intends to acknowledge the efforts put forth by writers from diverse cultures and backgrounds. It aims to provide a platform for such writers to master their craft in an educational setup. There are six scholarship spots up for grabs annually, and the recipients are required to engage in three writing courses over a span of one year. To avail this opportunity, the aspirant must be a US native or must possess a green card. The deadline to avail this opportunity is June 21, 2019.

London Residency:

The cash price associated with this opportunity is $1,000 with a free stay in a furnished cottage. The applications for Baltic Writing Residency in London are selected through a review committee, including a poet, fiction writer, and Harvard University’s English Department member. The chosen writer has to choose two to three weeks’ timeframe to reside in a furnished flat for the programme. The deadline to apply for London Residency is August 31, 2019.

Prairie Ronde Residency:

Prairie Ronde Residency targets individuals who possess curious yet an independent outlook. The residency is not restricted to a particular medium, and anyone who can creatively communicate can avail this opportunity. The offered stipend for 4 to 7 weeks is $2,000, $500 travel grant, and access to private car use. The applicant should, however, propose something to give back to the community as a part of their application. The deadline to avail this opportunity is June 15, 2019.

Literary Event Grants of Georgia:

Literary Event Grants of Georgia (LEGG) provides writers fees to attend literary events such as workshops, readings, performances, and presentations. The grant is approximately $50-$250 for a literary event. To avail this opportunity, the writer should be listed in the Georgia Writers Registry and may fall in the category of fiction, playwrights, non-fiction writers or performance poets.

Prague City of Literature Residencies:

This project is designed to appreciate the talent of foreign writers and translators. Every year, six residencies are up for grabs, which last for two months. The applications are invited from June to August and are shortlisted until September. Prague City of Literature Residencies provide the candidate with free accommodation, return ticket and a stipend of 600 euro.

These are some of the potential international grants available for the writers. So, which one are you applying for?